DigiDude by Quirky – The Cutest Pocket Tripod Ever!

digidudeI love novelties especially useful ones 🙂

The folk over at Quirky have come up with this cute but clever idea and named them DigiDudes.

DigiDude is a keychain with a built-in camera tripod.  Really!

All you have to do is unscrew the DigiDude’s head, pull out his feet, and you’re ready to snap with the help of your cool and instant tripod!

Most of you GadgetyNews readers may be thinking  “Jeeze Jay, even I could design something way more useful than that!” well – show them whatcha got!

quirky engages participants to collaborate in every aspect of product creation – from ideation, design, naming, manufacturing, marketing, right on through to sales. Anyone can participate on quirky.com either by submitting their own product idea for $99, or by voting, rating, and influencing other people’s product ideas. Cooler still, 30¢ of every dollar generated from the sale of a quirky product goes back to these influencers.

Get scribbling then! 🙂

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