Die!Die!Die! – Review

die!die!die!Die!Die!Die! – now that’s a term heard from gamers across the globe while getting bludgeoned to death one trillion times during Hotline Miami, but not here.

iFun4all are a small, humble developer from Krakow, Poland and bring to the Vita Die!Die!Die!. Imagine Ms Germinator at the helm of Missile Command, but instead of exploring deep space nine the game is based inside a human body.

Now we’re not talking anything as scary as Alien here, but looking at all those nasty infections, we could be.

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Die!Die!Die! is a 2D shooter with scrolling bacteria slithering from right to left. As we know there is good bacteria, but not in this game. If it moves, blitz it. These mighty microbes have run rife and armed with your rather powerful syringe gun, well timed squirts can reduce these hordes of bacterial beauties from escaping down the bloodstream. If too many of these bad guys pass you then its game over and time to hang up that white coat…or just press restart. Now as I suspect you have had no medical training, don’t worry. Despite coming with very little instructions, you sort of fathom out what to do as you play along.

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Die!Die!Die! is sliced up into 3 areas; the veins, intestines and the nervous system. On screen body counts show both missed and killed viruses. This is a real help as a quick glimpse tells you how many more bacterial are needed to wipeout and to progress. As with all good shooters upgrading ammo is paramount to success, and it’s no different here. Your mega syringe gun can fire lethal cocktails of venom or also touch screen pills which explode are just a few different extra fire power on offer. Ordering in air strikes of potent vaccines is a neat little trick also. This game brings a whole new slant on the term biological warfare.

The cartoony graphics and display all look clinically clean and shiny on screen but do lack any great detail. Repetitive gameplay does become an issue as each level looks like the last. However, as with all indie titles a super infectious music score throughout jollies the action along nicely.

iFun4all say their aim is to bring fun games to us and this is what they have done. Die!Die!Die! is their first venture onto the Vita and is a basic and endearing little number.

Lizard rating 7-10

Publisher/Developer – iFun4all

Released – 15.8.13

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