Did You Do It? 3G iPhone Feedback

Did you do it?

Did you get one?

What do you reckon?

Does it live up to the hype?

Or are you waiting for the next run of stock to get one and make sure all the servers stay-up this time and the little niggles in the AppStore are sorted?

So far the feeling bout the 3G iPhone is that it’s pretty good – but:

  • Multimedia Messaging: Pretty much every other phone on the market has the ability to send images to other phones via multimedia messaging, or MMS. Yes, you can still email those photos, but MMS is such a basic feature these days – why wasn’t it on the Jesus Phone from the start?
  • Copy and paste: Again, this is such a basic feature. Having copy and paste makes it easier to type out text messages and emails.
  • Video recording: In the world of mobile video and the likes of YouTube, it’s a shame the iPhone doesn’t have video-recording capabilities. Yes, the quality won’t be that great, but it should be an option anyway – again a poke at that 2mp camera……..I mean, really!!
  • Bluetooth flexibility: Ok. So you can use Bluetooth on the iPhone for headset voice calls. But how about Bluetooth and A2DP for streaming music wirelessly, the capacity for using the iPhone as a modem and a Bluetooth file transfer protocol so you can transfer files to and from the iPhone?
  • O2’s coverage isn’t all that hot – I think London is pretty well covered from a selfish point :0P
  • No ‘Read All’ function.

A couple of people have told me that if you’re not overly fussed about the GPS and 3G bits and update your 1st gen Jesus blower with iPhone 2.0 you’re practically riding with the incrowd and have that metal chassis not a plastic one.

I’m still going to get one – I was unable to join the queues for the first batch but the naff battery life is still causing a little niggle in my head.

C’mon – let me know what you lot are up to.