Devil Volt power bank review

Devil Volt


Build quality


Ease of use






Value for money



  • Great designs
  • Stands out
  • Plenty of charge
  • Fun
  • Handy


  • The plain metallic ones could look suspect in a handbag

devil volt blue hornsDo you remember the Devil Buds earphones GadgetyNews reviewed recently? Looking for more devilment? Here is the Devil Volt power bank.

Do you find that your regular power bank lacks in the horn department?

Never fear as EMIE has done it again and added more devilment to what are, and let’s be perfectly honest here, usually the blandest items in your gadgety packing.

So, should you be willing to use the power of this little devil to charge your mobile devices?

Let’s find out.

Devil Volt power bank design

The Devil Volt, as the name suggests, looks like a little devilish imp.

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, did suggest that it also kinda looks like something you might purchase from a more adult themed, lingerie store on the high street.

Ignoring that line of thought, the Devil Volt has been playfully designed (out of the gutter folks!).

devil volt chargingThere are a number of patterns, colours and finishes to chose from and I have been sent the ‘Summer’ version from the Doodle Edition line which has cupcakes running around hungry looking mountains whilst the Devil Volt grins menacingly. So, the designer obviously had some sugar-induced nightmares at the time of thinking up ideas I reckon.

In the box you get a lanyard so you can wear the Devil Volt, as USB charging cable and a neat protective pouch – although my one was emblazoned with the legend “Happy New Year”.

devil volt bundleThe Devil Volt is a compact 5.7- x 5.7- x 2.0-inches and weighs in at 300 grams.

The neatest feature, for me anyhow, is that the chrome devil horns on this little thing actually light up different colours, depending on what it’s doing at the time.

Devil Volt performance

It might look a little twisted thanks to that odd design, and perhaps a little evil, (being a devil and all) but the Devil Volt is actually a decent and reliable power bank.

The Devil Volt is not only fun but packs in safety measures, so there’s no risk of overcharging or short-circuiting. The battery cell is actually a Samsung Lithium-ion unit.

devil volt indicatorsThe bank holds 5200mAh of power, which is enough charge to give your Android or iThingies sufficient backup power for the day.

As previously mentioned, the horns light up to show its charge status with red indicating a full charge, blue horns for 70% and then green for 30% or less.

The Devil Volt takes about 3-ish hours to charge fully but then has enough juice to recharge an iPhone – twice! It handled my Nexus 6P too, albeit with a USB A to USB C cable.

Devil Volt power bank review conclusion

This has definitely been the funkiest power bank that I have seen, let alone tested.

It’s fun (something I never thought I’d say about a battery) and is available in a range of colours and designs.

It comes with everything you need and, as with the Devil Horns, the packaging is pretty swish too. I actually could see this as making a decent gift.

Devil Volt price and availability

You can buy the Devil Volt power bank now direct from the Emie site for $36.99 or £29.15 from