Detu Twin – slim 360 live streaming camera

detu twin frontThe Detu Twin high definition slimline 360° camera has been released and at a price that could be of interest for you social streamers.

This new camera is ultra lightweight and promises to be easy to use.

It captures 3K videos and photo, which can be uploaded straight to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can even livestream on Facebook and YouTube via the iOS app.

In stylish deep grey with yellow trim, smaller than an average smartphone and weighing a mere 98 grams, the DETU Twin is easy to pop into vacation hand luggage, or a back pocket for a day trip or summer festival.

The Detu Twin dual lens 360° camera was previewed at CES 2017, and is now available to buy from Amazon.

The high definition slimline camera is ultra lightweight and easy to use. 360° videos and photos can be uploaded straight to Facebook and YouTube. Tiny planet images and flat panorama images and videos, can also be uploaded directly to Instagram and Twitter.

The Detu Twin is ideal to slip into your vacation hand luggage, or a back pocket for a day trip or summer festival.

High resolution

Detu Twin shoots 360 x 360 in horizontal and vertical view.

Configured with dual back to back optical F2.0 fisheye lens, the Twin produces 360° video resolution of 3040×1520 at 30fps in MP4 format any time, any where.

Live streaming

The Detu 360 camera app, available for iOS or Android stitches all footage from each individual source, automatically and in real time. The Twin will also livestream to YouTube and Facebook.

Choose a view

Detu Twin sideChoose between the four different modes and get creative with content. Experiment with Fisheye, Tiny Planet (as if looking from outer space), VR or Source Mode to find a unique 360° VR style.

Use VR glasses or goggles to preview and reproduce footage through the Detu camera app or connect to a PC and DetuPlay, a panorama player that shows all footage at the drag of a mouse.


detu twin camerasReal 360°: Optical configuration dual F2.0 fisheye lens. Instant auto 360° x 360° image stitching.

Resolution: Video up to 3,040 x 1,520 (30fps) MP4. Photo up to 3,040 x 1,520 JPEG.

Live VR: 360° Facebook and YouTube VR live streaming.

Sharing: 360° picture on press to capture. Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

Modes: Share and save travel memories in Planet, VR, Fisheye, and 2:1 Source mode. Try each in real-time preview in the Detu app.

Qirui Sun, Detu CTO, said:

We wanted to create something for everyone, the Detu Twin is super stylish, easy to operate and syncs with both iOS and Android smartphones.”

Detu Twin 3K 360° Camera price and availability

You can buy this high definition, slimline, ultra lightweight 360° camera from Amazon for just £229/$229.

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Video coding


Video format


Video resolution

3040×1520 @ 30fps

Photo resolution

3040×1520 / 2048×1024

Date connectors

USB 2.0, Micro HDMI





Working time

1.5 hours


802.11a / b / G / n Wi-Fi


Micro SD (Up to 64GB supported)