Design a PowerEgg drone – earn royalties, win prizes

poweregg portalRemember Power Egg, the ovoid flying drone? Now you can add your own funky custom design. Not only that, you can win a PowerEgg and cash too!

Powervision, a leader in robotics and probably best known for its industrial drones, is launching its first consumer drone, PowerEgg, this year. That much you already know if you’re a regular GadgetyNews visitor. If not, this flying robot is out to challenge the conventional drone industry’s design approach by making a fully collapsible and integrated design. This design will make it simple to carry as well as providing an elegant portability solution.

The folks over at Powervision are now asking you, whether you are a professional designer or hobby enthusiast, to apply your creativity to the PowerEgg camera drone. It’s time to let your PowerEgg reflect who you are and what you want the world to see.

Powervision will be selecting three winning designs from the submissions hoping to cover their revolutionary 4K camera drone. What I really love about this competition is, should your design be a winner, you will actually receive royalties on each PowerEgg coated in your design sold. This is light years ahead of most similar design competitions.

By entering the competition you will have a chance to become one of the three winners to win cash prizes, your very own PowerEgg after official launch, and the opportunity to earn royalties from the sales of PowerEggs featuring your winning design.

That to me sounds pretty awesome!

poweregg designPowerEgg prizes

The top three placed winners will receive the following:

First Place Prize

  • Cash prize of $3000 USD
  • The first edition PowerEgg and cash from the sale of their design.

Second Place Prize

  • Cash Prize of $1,500 USD
  • The first edition PowerEgg and cash from the sale of their design.

Third Place Prize

  • Cash Prize of $1,000 USD
  • The first edition PowerEgg and cash from the sale of their design

10 Runner-up Prizes

Each will receive a $200 USD Amazon gift voucher and a $300 USD gift voucher towards buying a PowerEgg (via the Powervision website)

And one last thing… just by voting, you have an opportunity to win Powervision T-shirts.

How to enter

There are two ways to enter the PowerEgg Design Challenge 2016:

Option 1

There is a PowerEgg online design tool ( which makes it easy for you to bring your creative ideas to life. It’s easy to use and recommended for anyone who is not a professional designer.

Option 2

If you are a professional designer or artist, download the PSD or PNG template file here ( and submit your design via the PowerEgg online design tool.

The online tool allows you to preview your design as it would look on PowerEgg in flight and fully collapsed for storage.

Hurry though – voting closes at 11pm GMT / 3pm PST on August 7th, 2016. The final decision will be made by the Judges and announced on August 11th, 2016 on the Powervision website and social channels.