Derringer Motor-Cycle – Brings Back The Roaring 20s!

Ah, America in the 1920’s.  The Roaring Twenties in fact.

Jazz, Art Deco, Flapper Girls and the Derringer.

Not the pistol, the bike.

This isn’t just any bike though!

This designer bike is the work of Adrian Van Anz and is based on 1920s racers, complete with leather seat, white-walled wheels and vintage-style handlebars.

If cycling sounds a tad like hard work well check out that cross-bar.

Yup, that’s a motor.  A 49cc one that can hit a top speed of 35mph whilst still squeezing out an impressive 150mpg.

Cool and green!

It’s only available over in the USofA right now but offers plenty of designs around the $3,500 mark.

This bike needs to come to the UK!  (I am willing to test it 😉 )

Derringer via Retro To Go