Denon is a Dab Hand

Denon S-52DABDenon’s S-52DAB Networked Audio System features the ability to stream music wirelessly from Internet Radio, network attached storage and PC or Mac computers and is obviously a DAB radio. It utilises networking Software from Denon’s £2000+ AV receivers and sound quality from Denon’s serious Hi-fi  systems.

The full list of features are: DAB / FM Radio, a CD Player, a concealed iPod dock,  advanced Audyssey Bass-XT and Dynamic EQ software. It also has the ability to decode MP3 and WMA (naturally) but also AAC, WAV and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking for audio streaming from PCs and Macs, networked storage, USB Sticks and Drives. Internet Radio (so that’s 7000 + stations), DAB and FM Radio and not forgetting the full alarm clock function.

The huge sound is all done through the four high-quality sound tuned speakers that feature long throw drive units and passive bass radiators.  So a big sound from a small unit.

The  Denon S-52DAB will hurt your back pocket by £500 placing it right at the top end of this market, but it looks as though it may be worth it if you need to get the best sound when listening to the ‘Archers’

And if all that still isn’t enough they throw in a remote control, scroll wheel and an decent LCD display.

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