Denon D-M37 DAB – Cheap and Nicely

Denon D-M37DABI like Denon.

I’ve had seperates in the past and at the moment a little DM-31 rocks out in my bedroom through a pair of Q Acoustics 1020’s.

Now Denon are annoucing a little star that wont hurt your wallet; The D-M37DAB.

It shares its looks with the other DM’s and it can come along with or without a pair of Denon SC-M37 speakers.

As its moniker suggests it is packing a DAB as well as FM radio.  It also provides a CD player that’ll read MP3 and unprotected WMA discs, a USB socket for playback of music stored on flash drives and a socket out back for hooking up one of their Pod docks as well as a remote.

Now with Denon’s name I’d expect to be having to fork out between £400-£500 with speakers - oh no, the D-M37DAB will cost you £300 with speakers or £230 without.

It should be out by the end of this month!