Dell Told To Go Away and Think Harder


Dell has been slapped in the face and told to go away and think again.

The company’s attempted to join the smartphone market has been thrown back because their offerings were no different to everyone elses.

Shaw Wu, an analyst at Kaufman Bros, has published a research note about the situation that reveals that potential Dell partners were not impressed by the ‘new’ handsets.

Wu states that Dell built prototypes using both the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems, but the devices were rejected on the basis of “lack of differentiation” from current and coming-soon products from the big phone companies.

The analyst claims that Dell has not thrown in the towel but “remains committed to the cell phone space as it appreciates the opportunity in smart phones and the longer-term cannibalization potential of PCs”.

Wu says Dell is “going back to the drawing board is designing a cell phone with more differentiation” and may look at acquiring a phone or software company to help it get to market.

Better luck next time eh?

Do we need another company throwing out Smartphones?

It is good to see that samey phones are being rejected though 🙂