Dell Studio Hybrid Out Now – UPDATE!

Remember when we first saw the pic of Dell’s Studio Hybrid in June?

Well, it is finally being released with a starting price of $499 and features interchangeable sleeves of real Bamboo and plastic in the colours of Emerald, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Slate and Topaz.

The specs aren’t too bad and it looks like Dell wants us to place the puter (horizontally or vertically) in your main room.

There’s an HDMI port as standard and options for WiFi, a wireless keyboard and mouse, Blu-ray and a TV tuner.

Dell’s eco-quest with this line continues with the included system recycling kit and the reduction in packing and manufacturing materials.

The Studio Hybrid should be available today.

Updated bit:

Before you go sprinting off to buy one of these EeeBox/Mac Mini threatening machines go and Read what PC Magazine have to say!

They reckon it’s a great buy for style-conscience consumers, but it couldn’t help but mention that there “are more-powerful and more-expandable choices out there if you’re less concerned about design.”