Dell Adamo – New Reverse Strip-Tease Video

adamo-sideThe Dell Adamo, the much hyped but super secret squirrel MacBook Air taunter from Dell has increased the tease-o-meter by releasing a slinky video.

The video is kinda like Immodesty Blaize’s reverse strip-tease.

The new teaser shows the Dell Adamo size zero lappy being put together.

It gives the unlikely impression that it hovers and floats about the place – what truth is gleaned is the fact that it’s built around a single block in the same way the new MacBooks are.

It seems that the Adamo is rockin three USB ports and a HDMI socket as well as those touch sensitive buttons sited above the low lying keyboard.

Still no word about release, pricing or full specs but at least there’s some more pretty views of the machine to look at.

Check out the vid here: Dell Adamo