Decal Girl PS Vita Skins and Screensavers Now Available

Decal Girl PS Vita SkinsYou’ve gone out and bought your PS Vita at a bargain price from Asda but you want it to stand out from the crowd as well as be protected.

Well, Decal Girl is here to offer some care and protection to your new all-powerful mobile gamer.

Decal Girl skins are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl.

Not only that, the adhesive used prevents air bubbles from forming during application and, when you decide to redecorate, the skins come off without leaving any nasty gunk behind.

There’s a load of designs to choose from and the PS Vita Skins are available in a fingerprint-resistant matte finish or a high-gloss finish that rivals the shine of glass.

You also get screensaver/background art so that the whole look is completed making your Vita look even more awesome.

Decal Girl PS Vita Skins are $12.99.

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