DDPai X2Pro – dual channel social dashcam

X2ProDDPai has launched the X2Pro dual high definition dashcam. Where the company has definitely broken the mould is that this is a “social car camera”.

DDPai’s X range is centred around giving users premium safety features to protect their cars. Nothing unusual or new there.

But, as well as this, they offer you the opportunity to be part of a social community in the DDPai app. This just so happens to have over one million users.

Dashcam mavericks

DDPai was the first dashcam manufacturer to coin the term “social car camera” in 2013.

Their active community is able to share driving videos as well as access video how-to guides and much more.

x2pro snapshotThe X2Pro even comes with a remote button, which can be placed on the dashboard for one-click image and video capture without having to touch your phone.

Remember, having a dashcam can help lower insurance premiums.

Cutting-edge technology

The X2Pro features ‘dual channels’. Basically you have one camera facing through the front windscreen and one in the rear.

This gives you maximum protection and visibility. The front camera boasts 2592 x 1520 resolution for images and 2560 x 1440 for videos. The rear packs 1280 x 720 for images and video.

The cameras are also fitted with wide angle lenses. The front gets 140° whereas the rear has 120°.

[youtube id=”KmKuETuRHYs” ]


For all you gadgety fans, the camera is also loaded with a high precision GPS module.

x2pro gpsThis monitors your driving data, speed, acceleration and route, which is then synchronised straight to the app.


Never miss a thing with the X2Pro’s built-in NAND Flash memory. This means should your microSD card fail when you really need it, all is not lost. The X2Pro supports cards up to 128GB.

Social features

The DDPai app for iOS and Android has over one million users and is unlike any other dashcam app. These bragging rights are due to the app’s wealth of informative and interesting user generated content.

This online community has six main sections. They promise to give you unlimited access to DDPai camera footage that will either educate or entertain. It has built a strong user base of people who love to share their driving moments.

x2pro packagingThe DDPai Support and Safety Matters sections give users video how-to guides, as well as video footage of accidents and incidents, which play a warning role to other users.

Other sections include Share the World and Show off Your Skill. These give you a platform to share particularly interesting or impressive driving routes and skills.

Research and development is crucial to DDPai’s success, so the app is constantly being updated and edited due to user demand.


In July 2017 the X2Pro will be available with a 4G box. This will enable you to review footage, change settings, download images and videos and raise an emergency alarm on their cars remotely.

X2Pro price and availability

The X2Pro is available for £232.

The X2Pro can connect to the car battery directly with the circuit fuse kit accessory. The fuse kit has an RRP of £5.03.

Check the DDPai online store.

X2Pro Technical specs at a glance

ModelCameraResolution (Video)Resolution (image)CPU Wide angleGPSDimension
X2ProFront2560×14402592×1520HiSilicon 3516D140°Yes98x62x29mm




ModelApertureWi-FiCapacityOperating temperatureGPower SupplyPS
X2ProF1.8Built-in 2.4 GhzClass 10 micro SD card up to 128G-20°C – 70°C12V