D-Box 4D Cinema Seat – Moving in the Movies

3D cinema is all well and good but it’s only going to be a novelty for a short while if the current trend stays. We’ll soon be demanding 4D – and this is where those clever Canadians over at D-Box come in.

Crafty Cannucks, D-Box, have been developing a new electromagnetic cinema seat which should add in that extra fourth dimension.

The D-Box motion seat will tilt, twist, vibrate, raise or drop depending on the action being displayed on the screen at that time.

D-Box have tested the seats on audiences watching Fast and the Furious 5 with cinema goers feeling the seat lurch backwards when accelerating and shooting forwards when the drivers hit the breaks in FF5 – if the car jumps, so does the seat.

Sounds great to me 🙂

These new electromagnet powered seats have already been installed in over fifty cinemas in the US and have already proven so popular that more installations are planned for the near future.

Please bring this to the UK!

Check out the vid clip…. errr… short movie below:

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