Db Equipment PU leather collection – vegan backpacks and accessories

Db Equipment PU LeatherWhen you are looking for premium luggage you are generally faced with an overwhelming amount of animal-based kit. However, Db Equipment has announced a range of PU leather luggage and accessories. A perfect option for animal lovers.

I am going to avoid the subjects of veganism and vegetarianism as these tend to be trigger words. Whether you choose to remove, reduce or limit your intake of meat or dairy is your own choice. A great choice, in my personal opinion, but ultimately one you should make because you want to.

The fact is that Db Equipment has designed this awesome looking collection using PU leather for a handful of reasons. Firstly, it has a similar look and feel to real leather. Also, it looks super pro. Lastly, it is easy to clean and much more water resistant than animal hide.

Db Equipment PU Leather Collection

The new and stylish collection is made up of three backpacks, a laptop sleeve, and essential travel accessories. All have been designed and built with Db’s unique Nordic style.

Here’s a little insight to the collection.

The Artist

Db Equipment PU LeatherFrom work to play, and everything in between, The Artist is the ultimate pack for urban adventures.

Designed with sleek vegan PU leather and thoughtful pockets for your valuables, you can feel safe and stylish while roaming the city.

With a 13-inch laptop compartment, this 22L pack will carry your daily necessities with ease and comfort.

The Ace

Db Equipment PU LeatherThis boasts nine separate storage compartments and a main pocket designed to fit a small to medium internal camera unit.

The Ace is the perfect fashion-forward pack for urban photographers.

The Scholar

Db Equipment PU LeatherThis multi-purpose backpack brings it all back to basics.

Stripped from any excessive frill, The Scholar adapts to your lifestyle essentials in a simplistic and comfortable way.

Db Equipment PU LeatherThis is my favourite pack from this collection and would equally suit trips to the skate park, campus or the gym.

I am really digging the asymmetrical hook-up system that enables you to attach the scholar to Db rolling bags.

The Proper laptop sleeve

Db Equipment PU LeatherAvailable in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, this sleek, low-profile sleeve will keep your laptop safe while you’re on the move.

Db Equipment PU LeatherLooks sharp.  Looks pro.

The Vain wash bag

Db Equipment PU LeatherI will admit, my Addidas freebe is looking kinda tired these days. However, in extreme contrast to what I lug around, Db’s new wash bag is elegantly crafted with lightly grained soft PU leather.

The Vain wash bag would definitely up my ‘on the road’ game. Who doesn’t need something to take care of all their toiletries with sophistication and style?

The Voyage

Db Equipment PU LeatherWho cares whether we have a blue or burgandy passport if it’s wrapped up in The Voyage passport cover?

Db Equipment PU LeatherThis covers your license to travel in protective PU leather. Furthermore, it boasts interior card pockets, and a metal clasp on the exterior. Ensure that your key to the world is secured in style.

Expeditionist luggage tag<

Db Equipment PU LeatherA little bit more classy than a bit of card on a thin elastic band.

Often overlooked until you really need it. Claim what’s yours with confidence and keep your luggage marked as well as on trend.

A must for frequent fliers!

Price and availability

You can order your choices right now – just click the individual links to take you to the product’s own page.