Daughter’s iPhone X video gets dad fired from Apple

We all know how secretive Apple is regarding unreleased products. Unfortunately, the daughter of one of the company’s engineers overshared the iPhone X. This resulted in daddy being on the job line.

Last week a hands-on video of the new iPhone X landed on YouTube.

Naturally, hungry Apple-fans lapped this up and the video went viral.

The poster, Brooke Peterson, was proudly showing off her father’s iPhone X. Dad just happens to have been an engineer at Apple and the video was shot actually in Apple’s campus cafe. Notice the past-tense for poor old Mr Peterson’s employment.

The video was swiftly removed from YouTube a few hours after it had been posted, this was apparently at the request of Apple.

Since then, Brooke as posted up a new video regarding the iPhone X.

Latest video

iphone xIn the latest video she reveals that he father has apparently now been fired by Apple. However, it seems that it wasn’t actually for flashing his iPhone X.
[youtube id=”XQzGKwjr_js”]
The handset was an Apple employee iPhone which featured sensitive information on it.

This apparently included some code names for future Apple products. It also features Apple employee specific QR codes.

So, it looks like the reason that he was fired from Apple was due to the sensitive information on the handset was shown in the video.

This makes more sense as we have seen hands on videos of the new iPhone from Apple’s press event, so the handset is no longer a secret.

iPhone X price and availability

Apple’s iPhone X launches this Friday the November 3rd. The device is sure to be hugely popular with online orders shipping in December.

It looks like demand for the handset is also going to be high at the Apple Store as well. It seems that not even its eyewatering price will slow things down. But, the proof of the pudding…

Check out Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and all the other usual suspects for pricing.