Datamancer Deco Helps Your iMac Fit Into Your Art Deco Home

datamancer-deco-keyboard_1Datamancer are known for creating wonderfully steampunky contraptions and have already produced groovy keyboards such as the Scrabble Keyboard and the Aviator Keyboard.

But the coolest so far in my opinion is this: the Datamancer Deco Keyboard.

The keys are similar to the Aviator but you also get a black reflective acrylic faceplate, bright white LEDs, and a frame which is constructed from a combination of wood and chrome.

It was built for and it sounds like they’re more than pleased with what they’ve received – and this keyboard will certainly not look out-of-place in their modernised 1927 cinema 🙂

I’m just a little jealous.

Hop over to see more pics of the Datamancer Deco Keyboard!