Damson S-Series soundbar preview

damson-sound-cubeI was invited to take a sneaky peek at what Damson has been busy cooking up. I must say, the new S-Series speakers are a sight (and sound) to behold.

Damson have never really settled for doing things the easy way, or the usual way. I own one of their Vulcan Bluetooth speakers as it impressed me when I had one to review. I still use it as the sound it pushes out is impressive.

I’ve taken their Headbones for a spin too. This was the first bone conductive headset I tried, and still the best.

So, meeting in a room of a building with stacks of history in Soho, three of us were treated to Damson’s newest innovation – The S-Series.

Damson S-Series

The S-Series will consist of 3 products initially. Once it has been officially announced, there will be the S-Bar and S-Woofer Home Cinema Hub and the S-Cube.

These wireless speakers don’t use a separate app. Go straight to your favourite music app, whether that’s Spotify, TIDAL or Apple Music, and just play your tunes. Play a movie on your telly and the audio will come through your networked Damson speakers.


The S-Cube is a natty little portable speaker that can work independently as a go-anywhere sound-slinger. Or, you can network it with the Home Cinema system to create a surround sound system.

damson-sound-cubeThe S-Cube pretty much houses the same power as my Vulcan. Up to eight of these small but powerful speakers can be added to the network – should you feel it necessary.

Home Cinema Hub

The S-Series Home Cinema Hub is as close to being invisible as I think you’ll find for this kind of set up. You still get a soundbar and sub but their dimensions are crazy compact.

damson-s-line-sound-bar-and-subAs you can see in these photos, the sound bar is tiny. It is definitely the smallest I have seen. It is smaller than some Bluetooth speakers, in fact it is more compact than my Vulcan.

The Sub is pretty clever too.  Sub woofers, if they are to be loaded with a decent-sized speaker, can only get so small. This is not only due to the size of the speaker and magnet taking up space, but the cabinet also has its own job to do.

damson-s-line-sound-bar-and-sub-sideWell, Damson have placed their own 6-inch speaker inside a very slim cabinet. Who have they managed to get it in such a small space? Well, they’ve put the magnet in a different place.

The sound bar, sub and a pair of cubes was enough for surround sound in a good sized room.

Damson S-Series coming soon

I don’t think I can go any further in to detail as I am under embargo until Damson’s crowdfunding page goes live.

[youtube id=”AKWaInvIrew”]

Suffice to say that I was really impressed, not only by the wireless sound bar and sub but, when the S-Cube was added, a good surround sound system is achievable.

damson-s-line-soundbarIf you’re short on space, or aren’t ‘allowed’ to add more large speakers in to your living room, you need to check out this new line.

More news to follow soon.

I think I might have said too much… except, maybe, that you can get a massive 40% off at launch by clicking this!