DALI Katch unboxing

dali-katch-bundleKatch is the first Bluetooth speaker from Danish acoustic maestros, DALI. If you have read my reviews of their Menuet and Rubicon 5 speakers, you’ll know I have a real soft spot for the brand. So, when they announced the Katch I knew I had to hear one.

Well, the DALI Katch landed on my desk yesterday and, once out of the outer packaging, I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be your average wireless sound slinger.

I rarely have time to log unboxings. My video unboxings have generally been reserved for the unusual or intriguing.

I am busy catching up after a few days off so video was not going to happen. Instead, here are a few pictures so that you can join me in meeting the DALI Katch.

Katch unboxing

katch-boxThe box is classy and understated with clear lettering and an indication of which colour version of the Katch is inside.

katch-insideOpening up the box you are presented with a compartmentalised inner carton. It is well organised with the cables in a separate box and a variety of plugs to match any international requirements.

DALI are obviously expecting you to take their little speaker with you on your travels.

katch-and-travel-pouchRegarding travels, the speaker arrives in its own travel bag.

DALI Katch

I will be giving the Katch a full GadgetyNews review soon but here are a few glamour shots of the speaker.


katch-endThe leather strapping you can see is actually a handle. Just slide the ‘screw’ end up the recessed raildali-katch-detailThe line-in and USB ports are covered by a protective flap. The only other socket is for the power lead to charge the internal battery.

dali-katch-portskatch-controlsThe power button has a ring of LED markers. These indicate how much battery life is left when charging. Other controls are for Bluetooth pairing, volume/track up and down and sound modes.

dali-katch-bundleHere’s all that is in the box.

Stay tuned for a full review soon.