DALEK – will play hide ‘n’ seek!

DALEKThis 18” radio control interactive DALEK responds to spoken commands as well as having traditional radio control functions.

With independent head, body and eye movement as well as multiple sensory inputs including touch, it actually lives up to it’s self-tagged title of ‘supreme being in the universe’.

The DALEK has several modes including voice programmable movement, ‘Seek Locate!’ mode and ‘Follow me!’ mode where the little fella will follow you around and protect your…….area – as long as you don’t use the stairs!  A cute DALEK?

In addition it has static and roving room guard modes, remembers and reacts to Doctor Who characters and will even play a game to find the Doctor if he’s hiding.   I wonder if it shouts “BOO!” when it finds the Doctor.

£100 will get you one at Charcter Online