D-Roll is the 21st Century Scroll

d-roll-laptop-concept-by-hao-huaI think we’ve all got used to the default design of laptops and netbooks.

You know, hinged book affairs, no matter how slim and light – they’re all much of a muchness really.

That’s where the D-Roll concept shakes things up a bit  – giving it that E-Scroll vibe.

D-Roll, or “digital roll,” is a concept from designer Hao Hua.

It features one long cylindrical base from which the screen unfurls in one direction and the keyboard in another – not sure about how comfy it would be to type on though.

When rolled up, you can use the attached straps to carry the D-Roll and blend in with the Art College crowd.

I for one would be thankful to see some other designs to pick from.

What do you reckon?


I got this nibble from The Awesomer