3D Printed Electric Guitars – The Possibilities are Endless!

Black Spider 3D Printed GuitarThere soon may come a time when you can download your physical items from the interwebs – I’ve touched on this before. Olaf Diegel and ODD would be one of my favourite stores if he decided to offer that service.

Olaf Diegel, a professor at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand is exploring the limits of 3D printing (or Additive Manufacturing as he puts it) technologies and applications.

Thankfully his interests also include rock n roll and making some very cool guitars using 3D printing.

Check out the Spider and Scarab guitars (not sure of the pink one though) and the very cool Les Paul-alike complete with spinning atoms on his site!

The guitars are cut using an EOS Formiga P100 which everyone should have around the house 😉

Also check out his neat OddBot 🙂

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