D-Link Xtreme N Dir-685 Is A Wi-Fi Router To Be Seen!

d-link685You could have a normal wireless network with the router hidden away behind the tele (like me) or stuffed behind a desk or you can show it off proudly…..


You see, if you happened to have a D-Link Xtreme N DIR-685 you get the 802.11n Wi-Fi router but it also doubles as a digi frame and networked attached storage (NAS).

The unit sits upright, showing off digital photos, streaming video and weather on its 3.2-inch LCD screen out front while there’s a bunch of ports round back for printer sharing and the likes – to be honest, anything with a USB probably.

Those interested in networked storage can squeeze in a 2.5″ hard drive for sharing files over the network or just downloading (legal) BitTorrenty goodness.

As per – there’s no release or pricing mentioned at the moment but………..I WANT!