D-Link DCS-960L panoramic home security camera

d-link dcs-960l panoramic security cameraD-Link has just launched the world’s first Wireless AC camera that offers a 180° view of a room, without any delay.

The Wide Eye HD 180 degree Panoramic Camera (DCS-960L) eliminates the need for two or more cameras to see everything in a room – you see more with less, instantly.

Whilst most fixed cameras offer a 130° view, the 180° view means you are not delayed by the camera panning. Also, because you can place it anywhere in the room, not limited to corners, intruders are less likely to see the camera.

There is the added bonus that, by making no panning or tilting noise, any intruder is less likely to hear it too.

The camera is an ideal start to a DIY security set-up for homes and businesses. This is not only due to the HD video quality, but also the integrated microphone, automatic day and night viewing and ability to configure the camera to monitor for motion within a certain area – such as around entranceways or windows – or sound above a set volume, which would trigger an alert upon detection.

Joining a growing range of mydlink-enabled cameras, the Wide Eye HD 180 degree Panoramic Camera can be easily and securely accessed, remotely viewed and managed via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Accessed through the free mydlink app or the mydlink online portal, users do not incur on-going subscription charges or require special software.

DCS 960L panoramic cameraFor ease of use, the included 16GB microSD card means users can record video locally onto the camera, without incurring monthly fees. It can be set to start recording either by event trigger, schedule or continuous record.

Paul Routledge, D-Link Country Manager, UK and Ireland states that:

Cameras with this advanced level of technology are normally reserved only for businesses, but we know that home security is high on people’s agendas. The Wide Eye HD 180 degree Panoramic Camera (DCS-960L) is a   new way to achieve the ultimate surveillance of a room from a single device. There is no longer any cause to worry about missing any details.”

DCS-960L features

  • 180 degree field of view– Widest angle lens on a fixed consumer camera, ideal for large rooms and areas with multiple entry points
  • HD 720p quality video– Rich detail and crisp image quality for monitoring your home
  • Unique de-warping technology– Maximises video quality with less distortion
  • Wireless AC– Latest dual-band Wi-Fi technology for better bandwidth and improved range
  • Motion and sound detection – Push alerts notify you of detected motion or sound
  • Local recording– 16GB MicroSD card for local recording
  • Night vision – See up to five metres in complete darkness with built-in IR LEDs

D-Link DCS-960L availability and Pricing

The D-Link Wide Eye Panoramic HD security camera is avaiable now for £122.48 (EXC. VAT)

For more information, please visit: http://www.dlink.com