Cyborg Rat – Rat Brain Controlled Robot Retains Rodent Personality

ratsThis is kinda freaky and the soundtrack on the vid-clip doesn’t make it any better.

This is a little robot controlled via Bluetooth by the neurons from…………. a rat‘s brain!

Not only that – the brain is kept in a bell jar someplace!

It gets weirder folks – The video goes on to explain that rats have unique personalities so this means that their brains will control the robot differently.

So, in essence, the crazy scientists have created rat cyborgs that retain the rodents personalities!!

O M G ! ! ! !

This is a taste of the future – and it’s cheese flavoured!

By-the-way; the totally cute rat in the picture above has nothing to do with the posthumous cheese-chomper that is controlling the robot.

You have to see the video below to believe it!

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