Cyber Clean Goo – Kills Germs Leaves Gadgets Lemony Fresh

gooDo you eat at your desk at work or whilst blogging?

Ever tipped your keyboard up to find a buffet falling out from beneath your keys?

Well, here’s a new type of goo that promises to get your gadgets cleaned – and it’s available in the UK!

Called Cyber Clean the “high-tech cleaning compound” catches dirt and kills germs according to its makers.

Ok, it looks like that slime your parents refused to buy you when you were a kid but apparently this is a state of the art cleaning agent.

All you have to do is cover your gadget or gizmo in it and it will get to all those nooks and crannies (not crooks and grannies!).

Coming in two sizes; a try out pouch and bigger tub, Cyber Clean costs from £7.99 for the large tub and also promises to leave your gadget smelling lemony fresh.

Nice! 🙂