Cute n Cuddly – The Acer Predator Gaming PC

Acer PredatorGaming machines aren’t reknowned for being subtley designed and this new beast is no exception.

Say hello and be nice to Acer’s Predator else it may have your arm!

It sits there watching you from behind its metallic copper chassis and if you lift up it’s mask you’ll come face-to-face with the bays for the Blu-ray and DVD rewriter – to top this off, its four hard drives can be accessed via a special door at the front of the lower part of the chassis and can be removed and replaced with larger units even when the PC is turned on and in use.

You’ll have a choice tween 4 Predators – I can only find the prices in Euros so, as usual, expect these to increase with their entry to the UK. I’m not bitter!

The entry-level Predator Sniper will cost €1,699 (£1,350)

The Predator Trooper will cost €1,999 (£1,590)

The Predator Crusher will set you back €2,999 (£2,390)

The top-spec €3,999 (£3,180) Eliminator model will use an Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core CPU and twin Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2s, with four separate graphics-processing units split across two cards.

It can all be overclocked via the accompanying Nvidia nTune utility, and the whole lot is watercooled so it won’t explode throwing chunks of metallic plastic and shrapnel into your visage. 

Acer Predator Web site