Cut My SIM Trims Your Fore-SIM to Make it a MicroSIM

You’re wanting an iPad or perhaps the next gen iPhone but are happy with the service you’re getting from your current SIM card.

You’ve probably seen the how-to’s out there on the interweblogosphere which will generally involve scissors and/or carving knives.

Why not save your fingers and get a few like-minded buddies to chip in for a Cut My SIM? You could even start your own SIM cutting service.

Cut My SIM is available now for preorder and promises to offer a mistake-proof way of chopping up your SIM card.

It looks like a cross between some heavy-duty nail clippers and a hole punch. As this machine makes a clean cut you’ll be able to use a MicroSIM adapter should you want to use your SIM back in a regular slot.

It costs 19 Euros and apparently they still have 300 left. Go here to order.