Customisable Maingear Drift Steam Machine announced

maingear drift mainLooking for a Steam Machine that’s packing everything you could possibly want, including a custom automotive paint finish? You need to check out the Maingear Drift.

Following on from the release of a range of Steam Machines, the SteamOS-based PC game consoles designed for the living room, Maingear has showed their version of the compact gamer.

The Maingear Drift Steam Machine has been specially designed to deliver 4K gaming capability to just about any location, this naturally includes your living room.

Let’s face it, full HD might not be enough for some of you who have already invested in a fancy 4K telly.

maingear drift copper goldThe Drift from Maingear can be customised with an overclocked Intel Extreme Edition Haswell-E or Skylake processor, paired with a full-sized NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti or Titan X GPU.

The kit can also be equipped with up to 16GBs of Kingston DDR4 memory as well as a trio of hard drive bays which can be outfitted with a pair of Samsung 850 Pro SSDs and a massive 6TB HDD.

maingear drift topYou can place the console either vertically or horizontally for utmost flexibility, and features the Epic 120 liquid cooling system, a maintenance-free system that keeps the steam machine running incredibly cool at top speeds for extended periods of time. Maingear’s Epic 120 liquid cooling system also ensures a whisper-quiet operation during regular activity.

The Maingear Drift is now ready for customisation with Maingear’s true automotive paint finish, where you will be able to pick from just about any colour and combination with a starting price of $1,099 direct from the Maingear website.