Custom Saber Shop – Build a Light-Saber

bluecollagelitI was looking for Light-sabers for the Wii as my bro got one with the Force Unleashed game for crimbo and I was thinking about getting him another one or this duo pack by Thrustmaster.

But then I happened across the fabulous Custom Saber Shop which must be 100% Proof Geekahol!

The site classes itself as “your one stop shop for illimunated saber blades, hilts, supplies and tutorials” and I can’t disagree.

There is everything that you could possibly need when heading off to construct your own Jedi weapon of choice.

There are forums where you can discuss your project and seek assistance and a gallery where you can display your handiwork 🙂

There are some quite crafty people out there (meant in a positive way) looking at the ‘Custom Sabers’ gallery.  Of course there is a whole load of ‘Replica’ sabers from the Star Wars series of films featured as well in their own gallery section.

So, if you want your own special saber or would like to build one that your favourite Jedi or Sith uses then hop along to the Custom Saber Shop!