Custom 3D-printed mechanical keypad with TFT LCD screen

DIY mechanical keyboard with screenFancy a 6-key mechanical keyboard that’s packing its own screen but can’t find one you like? Well, why not make one yourself?

Makers and enthusiasts, this one will be up your alley.

Nifty maker hub, Thingiverse,  has a neat keypad posted up by JayFi.

Why not get handy and build your own? This way it can be completely customised to your own tastes.

DIY custom mechanical keypad with TFT LCD display

JayFi has created a cool-looking mechanical keypad and posted all you need to build one. Furthermore, the keypad also packs a TFT LCD display. Many gamers would love one of these.

DIY mechanical keyboard with screen wiringAdditionally, you will find the 3D printing files and links to where you can get the keys, screen and microcontroller. Naturally, there is also the link to the software required.

Do I need one?

Personally, I am from the school of ‘why not?’ However, you may need more convincing.

Well, this DIY mechanical custom keypad is perfect for those who have a workflow that requires remembering a number of different shortcuts. Perhaps you need to create plenty of custom shortcuts?

DIY mechanical keyboard with screen 3d-printRemoving the need for you to remember a wide variety of different key combinations will aid your productivity. Moreover, most gamers will already know the beauty of macros.

The system is equipped with a small Arduino Pro Micro development board. The Arduino software uses the OneButton Library to allow the mechanical keypad to be customised to your exact requirements and to simply connect multiple buttons without debounce handling needed.

The integrated display shows the current selected mode in the function of the keys and will update as you change each function.

Make it

So, all that is left is for you to build it.

For more information on full wiring specifications as well as links to purchase the mechanical keys and 2.2-inch display jump over to Thingiverse.