CulCharge Makes Most Convenient USB Smartphone Charger

CulChargeWith smartphones holding so much of our lives in their circuits, now more than ever you really don’t want to be running out of battery while on the go. While there are all manner of charger options available on today’s market, the newest USB phone charger from CulCharge could well be the best of the bunch in terms of convenience, low cost and small size.

At a remarkable six centimetres in length, this tiny USB charger is compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket as it boasts no unnecessary frills; it is purely a charger with a USB plug at one end and a phone connector at the other. The device is made of a flexible silicone which makes it extremely durable as well as lightweight, making it perfect to carry around with you. The cable itself can twist and bend through more than 180 degrees. This makes it very handy for reaching those awkwardly aligned USB slots that you can sometimes find on unfamiliar PCs and laptops.

CulCharge is a company based in Slovakia and as of yet they do not have the resources to put their charger into production on any great scale. However, it looks as if their money issues will soon be over as their crowdfunding efforts on Indiegogo went extremely well, having exceeded their target of $15,000 to raise a total of $94,311.

With pledges starting from as little as $8, those who supported the project could receive their very own CulCharge before it goes into mass production.

CulCharge hopes that its product will not only appeal to everyday smartphone users but also to businesspeople who spend much of their working lives interacting with their mobile device. There are versions available for both iPhone and Android devices and the charger can also perform data transfers, making it ideal for quickly accessing documents and other information from multiple sources. With the evident increase in UK IT contract jobs, this kind of accessible, no-frills charger is the perfect tool to give mobile IT workers peace of mind that they will not lose access to their devices while on the move.


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