Cubify Cube 3D printer on sale at Currys and PC World

Cubify Cube 3D printerIf you’ve fancied getting in on the whole 3D printing mullarky then you’ll be able to simply head down to your local Currys and PC World as of tomorrow.

Currys and PC World will be stocking The Cube, a 3D-printer designed to be safe for kids starting from October 2nd.

The Cube portable home 3D printer is designed to be plug-and-play so you can start making your bits n bobs more-or-less as soon as you get it home.

The printer comes with 25 free 3D print files so you have some blueprints for rocket ships and robots and errr… hippo heads to get you started.

From there you can move up to making your own creations, whether they be hippos or whatever, as the Cube is compatible with software for designing your own 3D objects.

Before you add this to yours or your kids Christmas list please note that cartridges of plastic cost a “how much?” inducing £52.80, but do come in sixteen colours including metallic silver and glow in the dark. So… that’s ok then.

The Cube will be on sale at Currys and PC World tomorrow, 2 October for £1,195 and comes in white, silver, pink, green, and blue.

Alternatively, Maplin stocks the Velleman K8200 build-it-yourself 3D printer for a comparatively bargainous £700 – that’s web only though.

Check out the Cube in action below.

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