Crosley Revolution Pocket Record Player Now Out!

Cast your mind back to January when I first let you know about this very cool bit of kit – I was told to expect the Crosley Revolution to be out mid-year and here it is (only slightly later).

Crosley Radio has just released that bit of retro gadgety goodness in the form of the battery-powered, USB-enabled turntable.

It’s quite obviously designed for travel and lets you spin those 33 1/3 and 45 RPM’s where-ever your heart desires.

Inside this compact battery powered turntable beats the heart of an old fashioned diamond stylus, belt driven stereo system, along with some major tech upgrades like an FM transmitter, headphone jack, stereo speakers and a USB audio output for quick vinyl rips to your PC.

The CR6002 is available at and other stateside stores.

The black version retails for $149.99, the other colours are $179.99 and are only available at Urban Outfitters – again in America but I’m hoping that the UK UO’s outlets will stock them but at least you can order online.

What a great way of getting your Mad Men on!  😉

Check out the vid below:

Crosley Revolution Portable USB Turntable from Crosley Radio on Vimeo.


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