Create your own vinyl record pressing from digital tracks

cut vinyl from mp3We are all now familiar with the vinyl to MP3 digitisation of your music collection but what if you miss that warmth and occasional crackle of vinyl? What if you could send your digital music to record?

There is a guy who has made a device that makes it easy to press audio files into vinyl albums. In real time!

This is the brainchild of German engineer Souri Automaten and Motherboard, part of the Vice network, had a chat with him at SXSW; apparently he designed the first incarnation of this current device almost 30 years ago.

Unlike most record cutters, Automaten’s machine (funnily enough Automaten is German for machines – perhaps Souri wasn’t born with that name?) is extremely easy to use. This could well mean that anyone could buy one of these contraptions and then start churning out black discs of loveliness.

A record lathe equipped with a diamond stylus cuts the master, and the whole thing is ready to go by the time the track is through.

The little matter of $4,000 to buy one may be a stumbling block but, as an investment, it might give indie bands or labels a cost-cutting, hands-on approach to their tunes.

Check it out in the video below:

[youtube id=”vlZlCpqubyE”]

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