Crank calls – Recharge your phone with the Crankernator

crankernatorWe have all got used to the fact that smartphones will only last about a day before they need shoving in to a power source and that a spare battery or recharging pack is always useful. How about a wind-up one?

The Crankernator is a backup battery that also has an emergency power source should that be used up too.

This secondary power source will work with smart phones, cameras, and tablets, and when fully charged the Crankerator should completely recharge a phone.

There’s a 2000 mAH lithium battery inside that recharges with the included microUSB cable but there’s more.

The Crankerator also acts as an emergency power source because it has a built-in turbine charger.  Sixty seconds of cranking will get you about 4 minutes for an emergency call when you really need it.

The Crankerator is $60 and will ship in May from Photojojo.

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