Cover-up #WoodBack smartphone case review

Cover Up WoodBack HTC One M9 trioThere’s something special when natural elements are brought together with tech. The hi-fi world knows this and, I guess, LG does with its leather-backed phone. Thankfully, Cover-up has a similar idea but won’t send vegans and vegetarians running for the hills. Let’s take a look at their range of WoodBack smartphone cases.

As you have no doubt already worked out Cover-up WoodBack phone cases slap an actual real slab of tree in to your phone cover. There’s loads of designs and finishes to choose from as well as different versions for most of the popular smartphones out there.

Cover-up WoodBack smartphone case design

The cases come in an eco-friendly feeling cardboard box that features a cut out so that you can see and, more importantly, feel the real wood in the case.

There’s a thank you note inside the packaging which is a very nice touch. This leaflet also contains further information and tips of how to care for your wood, so to speak.

Cover Up WoodBack group shotThe case consists of a laser-cut wood panel on the back, surrounded by a slim polycarbonate case which has a lovely soft-grip rubber finish. The wood has been sanded and treated in such a way that it feels smooth in the hand and looks as though it can take the knocks.

WoodBack edgeYour phone’s various buttons and features are fully accessible, thanks to cutouts in the case. There’s a large slot for the camera and flash, and smaller sections for buttons, rockers and ports.

The screen is surrounded by a very slim bezel on the left and right sides, with the top and bottom remaining unsullied.

WoodBack stackI very luckily have been sent three different cases for my HTC One M9 – a cherry wood one, the Gold Lightning Bolt which I think is made from blackened Ash with another wood-type for the flash and, this is the one that really impressed me, a custom designed bass clef case because they knew that I am a bass player!

coverup woodback thank youThere’s another thank you and a smiley face inside the case. Cover-up do come across as nice people 🙂

Cover-up WoodBack smartphone case performance

I cannot fault the fit or finish of the WoodBack cases.

They are eye-catching and with 12 varieties of wood to choose from and a raft of different designs, there should be at least a couple that you will love. This also means that the chances of bumping in to someone with an identical case should be pretty slim – especially if you request a custom one.

WoodBack naturalThe beauty of using a natural material is that, even if someone has a case made of the same wood, the grain is going to be different especially if you chose one of the wood types that have a more pronounced grain, such as Black Limba, Cedar of Padauk.

The case adds hardly any weight or bulk to your phone which is a good thing as, why spend all that money for a thin and light phone only to encase it in something that ruins all of that?

WoodBack pairThe WoodBack case also feels great in your hand, thanks to that wooden back panel and the soft-feel rubber outer edges. I have not felt my phone slip or attempt to escape my grip once with these cases.

Another advantage for you superstitious types is that you can always ‘touch wood’ no matter where you are.

Protection-wise all the sides and the back are well protected from drops and day-to-day stuffs. You will need to buy a screen protector though if you haven’t already added one to your phone.

WoodBack FlashAs mentioned earlier, the sides are also grippier than your metal-bodied phone tend to be so the chance of a fatal phone drop are minimised.

The lack of a large raised bumper around the screen could leave the front of your phone prone to a flat face FUBAR. Saying that though, I have owned mobile phones since 1999 and have never suffered the hearache of a smashed screen – touch wood 😉

Cover-up WoodBack smartphone case review conclusion

The WoodBack cases from Cover-up really brings some nature to your tech.

Not only do the cases add some much needed grip to your sleek and slippery smartphone but they add a lovely asthetic whilst preventing damage from the everyday knocks, bumps and scratches that your phone has to face.

WoodBack custom bassGranted, they’re not going to provide hardcore rugged outdoorsy type military grade protection but I see these more of a going out, slip in to your suit jacket type of case.

Being office-bound for most of the time these cases are perfect for my requirements.

If you are looking for an individual case that will not add bulk or weight to your smartphone then I would suggest you check out the WoodBack range by Cover-up.

Prices start at £14.95 and, as well as smartphones, there are skins for iPads and MacBooks too! Just nip over to the WoodBack website.