Court officially recognises gadget allergy as disability

gadget allergyImagine, not being able to use a smartphone, tablet, PC or even bare to be around tech in general. I know, scary isn’t it. For some people this is a reality but is rarely treated as a serious thing. A breakthrough has happened though as a French woman has won a disability grant after telling a court she suffers from an allergy to electromagnetic radiation from gadgets.

The BBC reports that Marine Richard was told that she may claim €800 (£580) per month for three years as a result of her disability.

This is being considered a breakthrough for all people affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The condition is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), even though the causes of this condition remain unclear.

Typical symptoms reported by those who say they suffer from EHS include headaches, fatigue, nausea and palpitations. The disability allowance was granted by a court in Toulouse, though the ruling did not formally recognise EHS as an illness.

Ms Richard had to move out to a remote area in the mountains of south-west France and live in a barn that has no electricity. Richard had been affected by everyday gadgets such as phones.

Anyone who watches the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off ‘Better Call Saul‘ may be familiar with the syndrome as Saul’s brother, Chuck, apparently suffered the with the same.

Electrosensitivty UK (ES-UK), a charity that campaigns for wider recognition of EHS, said it welcomed the French court’s decision.

The charity stated:

Several people in the UK have been diagnosed with electrosensitivity and received help for the disability but any financial allowance usually refers to a different name for the condition or a related condition,”