Courb C-Zen – Street Legal Buggy For 16 Year Olds!

czen_1Courb’s C-Zen is, in my book, a definite step-up compared to a beat up scooter.

It’s even green!

It was spotted at the Pavillon Vert at the Geneva Motor Show and comes from the French company Courb.

C-Zen actually stands for ‘C’est Zéro Emission Nocive’, or ‘No Harmful Emissions’ and that’s achieved by it running on a 12kW (16bhp) electric motor hooked up to a 96V lithium-ion battery pack weighing 100kg with that power being thrown to the rear wheels via an auto box.

It only weighs a total of 480kg as it’s constructed mainly out of tubular aluminium that leccy motor will still push it to a limited top speed of 59mph and when driven at an average of 31mph it’ll get you almost 100 miles away.

This futuristic buggy is aimed mainly at funky French kids as the C-Zen is actually classified as a “heavy quadracycle” over there and as such can be driven on the open road by a 16 year old in France!

As the little angels have a habit of injuring themselves there’s plenty to try and avoid something nasty happening.

As well as the C-Zen effectively being its own roll-cage, it comes loaded with a head-up display, night vision camera, biometric driver recognition, breathalyser starter inhibitor (!!??!) – obviously there for the over 18’s 😉

Oh, it will only move off if you have your seatbelt fastened and if the olds don’t text the car……


The built-in GPS allows the parents to keep tabs on where those lovely kids are and if necessary it has a ‘stop-by-SMS’ function that allows you to turn the thing off remotely.

Hopefully that wont work when the vehicle is overtaking a tractor or bombing down the motorway…….

It’s not just for those summers in Antibes – The C-Zen also comes with a full set of detachable glass panels to ward off those more chilly days and nights.

No plans for the C-Zen to cross La Manche but in France it will cost €10,500 (£9497) with a release date of ‘soon’.

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