Corsair Bulldog – just what is it? [video]

corsair bulldogThis morning I got a rather cryptic email from Corsair informing me that Bulldog is coming. But, what is Bulldog?

In just over two days Corsair will officially launch Bulldog – the thing is, I have absolutely no clue what the Corsair Bulldog is.

This has naturally sent the PC gamer forums in to speculation mode.

So, what can be worked out from Corsair’s cryptic clues and official teaser shots?

Let’s have a looksee shall we?

corsair bulldog emailCorsair does have a countdown timer ticking away the seconds until the product launches on a special landing page at

corsair bulldog countdownI have heard some folks suggest that it will be a laptop but, to me, flicking through the gallery of released images it looks more likely to be a PC case. Something that Corsair does well.

corsair bulldog 1It looks a chunky one too and with the name ‘Bulldog’ conjuring up an image of something compact, powerful and solid, I am guessing it might be a small form factor PC case – perhaps a micro or mini ATX number.

Check for clues in the video below and let me know what you think.

[youtube id=”7L0vdVxrfUI”]