Copying your legit downloads to CD is now legal in UK

cdEver make a mix CD for a road-trip or for a house party you were throwing? Up until now, you were being naughty and a tad illegal. Even backing up your music to CD would have you labelled as some criminal mastermind.

New laws mean that from 1st June 2014, it will no longer be illegal to make copies of music, films, and even e-books that you’ve already bought.

Currently, the courts don’t look too kindly on making copies, as it conflicts with existing copyright law.

While the changes will mean that you’re free to make copies of media you already own, the caveat is that you can only duplicate for personal use.

The changes set out by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) mean that customers will also be allowed to store media in “a personal online storage medium, such as a private cloud,” although it will remain illegal to pass on any copies of music or films without destroying the original.

A new exception also allows you to quote other people’s work without their permission. Currently illegal unless you’re reviewing, critiquing, or news reporting, the changes mean that you’re free to quote if “the use is fair.”

Do you think this is going to alter how anyone treats the media they have?

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