Coolpix S1000PJ – Nikon Slips a Projector into a Compact Camera

s1000pjYou remember the Samsung Show? The mobile phone that packs a projector?

Well, Nikon has just announced the world’s first digital compact camera that has a similar trick up its sleeve – it to sports an in-built projector!

The Coolpix S1000PJ will stop you having to get all your mates and/or family to crowd round the compact’s LCD just to see what you’ve snapped.

All you’ll have to do is slip the S1000PJ into projector mode by pressing the button on the top, and set it up near a wall or similar surface to see your pics or flicks on the big screen.

You can even adjust the focus by the sliding bar on the top – you also get a stand and remote control bundled with it for proper armchair viewing – sweet huh?

As for the specs you get 12.1 megapixels, ISO 6400, 5x optical zoom.

There’s a Scene Auto Selector mode that takes care of the settings so you don’t have to worry about fiddling when shooting, and Skin Softening feature makes skin look clearer – no more deleting pics just coz the ladies aren’t happy 😉

It’ll cost £400 when it launches in a few weeks time in September.

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