Cool Stuff Exploded – In The Safety Of Your Home

Yup – me reviewing a book!

I was as amazed as the rest of you when Liz from publishers Dorling Kindersley sent me this particular tome to read and review for this site!

But once I got it in my hands all became clear.

Cool Stuff Exploded sounds a tad dangerous and pretty much bad news for the likes of the iPhone, top end Swiss Watches and Free Play radios – but it’s all ok my fellow gadget lovers!

This colourful tech book “explodes” everyday objects in the same way as those Haynes manuals do but through fantastically photographed spreads.

The pics show a piece-by-piece breakdown of Robots, mobile phones, computers, digital pens and gives details about how each part works and how they all fit together.

Even though I get the feeling it’s aimed at a younger market I found it great to flick through and also learned a few things which is never a bad thing – and if the you feel that the pics are a tad flat then the CD-ROM that it comes with will please you as it contains animations of the “exploded” views featured in the book.

A cool book for all ages I reckon 🙂

The cover price is £19.99 and is available now.