Cooking With Lasers is The Electrolux Vision of The Future

electrolux-laser-ovenI love cooking (shhhh….don’t tell everyone) and I love gadgets in the kitchen.

So when I read on Oh Gizmo that Electrolux had a design contest to visualise what we’ll be cooking with in the future I was totally interested.

Designer Ludovic Peperstraete has come up with his “Cooking in the Futur” design, which suggests that 90 years from now we’ll be zapping our Sunday roast instead of using boring ol’ gas or convection ovens.

Ludovic wants to combine three lasers to create the necessary heat to cook the food after informing the appliance how you want the food cooked.

The lasers will then instantly produce the necessary energy to create your culinary delight.

The design even has a specially designed ventilation system so that your appartment doesn’t end up smelling of grub.

I’m guessing that this will have some equally futuristic microwave styled thing that cooks the inside of the meal while the laser deal out their heat on the exterior.

Well – we have 90 years to work on that.

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