Control robots to view Tate art after hours

tate after hoursIf you can’t sleep at night but fancy wandering around the Tate when its closed then you are very much in luck as you will be able to remotely control a camera-clad drone around the exhibits.

Anyone with a working Wi-Fi connection will be able to sign up to pilot light- and camera-equipped robots around Tate Britain late at night, offering a self-guided tour in a robot Ninja styleee.

The “After Hours” program is the winner of the very first IK Prize, which was created to foster concepts that use digital tech to get folks enjoying art. The project was created by Tommaso Lanza, Ross Cairns and David Di Duca—known together as digital production designers The Workers—and it’s pretty intriguing to say the least.

tate robotsThey have managed to combine the illicit thrill of freely exploring somewhere that’s usually tightly guarded and introduce the opportunity to poke around under the cover of darkness with no other humans in sight.

It does have the feeling of a heist film that you are actually involved in!

“Combining behind-the-scenes intrigue with a sense of exploration, the project will give people all over the world a unique experience of 500 years of British art,” said competition judge, Jimmy Wales.

The team is working on a queue system that will allow four visitors to tour at once, with the ability to communicate as they go.

How cool is this?


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