ContactFlow – The iPhone Address Book for Beautiful Friends

Do you have a lot of beautiful friends?

Do you love the Cover Flow interface that you get with iTunes?

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of merging Cover Flow with your contact list so that you can just flick through to the beautiful visage that you want to connect with.

Fafoulon has created an iPhone application that will do just that and as called it ContactFlow.

Once you launch the application, you’ll see the profile images of your contacts.

By flicking your finger, you can navigate through all of them. When you find the person you want to call just tap them in the face and ContactFlow will flip the picture and show you the phone numbers of that person.

You can then tap on the number to make a call or click the SMS icon to send a text message.

If you’d like to write an email, simply tap the email address. Also, ContactFlow works on both portrait and landscape orientation.

The custom options are:

  • Contact order
  • Automatic screen rotation
  • Displaying contacts without photo – By default, ContactFlow only shows up contacts with profile image. So, if you want to display all contacts including those without images, you need to enable this option.
  • Displaying e-mail address

Like most Cydia applications, ContactFlow is FREE

ContactFlow from FaFoulon on Vimeo.