Contact Lenses That Automatically Transform into Shades – Reactolite Transitions

phot_x220If you still see people wearing Reactolite glasses and think that the transition from clear to dark lenses is a real cool thing then hold onto your shorts!

There’s now similar trickery for those who wear contact lenses!!

It’s true – thanks to some clever nano-engineering, these photochromic lenses perform even better than their traditional, frame-rimmed counterparts.

The Director of the Singapore based IBN (Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology), Jackie Ying, claims that the contact lenses adapt faster thanks to the use of a network of really tiny tunnels distributed evenly throughout the lens – and who am I to argue?

These tunnels contain the dye that automatically adjusts to the sunlight; the structure itself allows more of this dye to exist in the same area, granting the sensitivity and those speed benefits.

Apparently transition sunglasses take a minute or two to change “Our response time is 10 to 20 seconds.”

Hmmm……. imagine your eyes turning completely black when at the beach.

This is going to freak people out isn’t it? 😉

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