Consoles Dead in a Decade

Sandy Duncan, the former boss of Xbox Europe, has stated that consoles will disappear in the next 10 years!

He told ThatVideoGameBlog that consoles will be phased out as everything gets “virtualised”. 

He said: 

“The industry is fundamentally driven by technology. I think dedicated games devices, i.e. consoles and handhelds, will die [out] in the next five to ten years.”

“There’s hardly any technology difference between some hard disc video recorders and an Xbox 360, for example,”

“In fact in five to ten years I don’t think you’ll have any box at all under your TV; most of this stuff will be “virtualised” as web services by your content provider.”

Duncan worked at Microsoft for 15 years before leaving in order to co-found YoYo Games.

>> Via – The Inquirer