Conduit Concept Sky / Pantech Mobile Phone

keypadTurns out Kanye loves his design and his tech 🙂

That is where this mobile phone concept was found – thanks to Jo for pointing me towards the singers’ site.

So, if you want to know what we’ll be packing in our pockets come 2030 it could well look like this!

The Conduit was designed for SKY/Pantech, a Korean mobile phone company by Tirshathah Hunter.

The conduit can be collapsed into a pocket-friendly form or expanded into a bona fide video phone.

You basically get 3 devices in one: The rollaway flexible display can be unfurrled to create a PDA with stylus, then you can have a regular cellphone with camera and a slimline cellphone that breaks away from the other components.

If I had the cash I’d sponsor this design to be built.

Wouldn’t you?